Sunday, July 05, 2009

Welcome to another GlueBook Photo Dump

This one was completed in June.

I made this book with magazine pages half sized. (So that each leaf is 1/4 of a mag page)I left plenty of room between the siginatures for expansion as I glued things in. The cover college is covered with a layer of packing tape to give it shine before it was glued to the cover boards. (the boards are recycled cerial boxes) Then I started gluing with glee! It didn't really take to long to fill this one up. Some pages incorporate the backgroud image, some completely cover it up.

As a general rule in my glue books (and it only my rule, you don't have to) I say no words, only images. I'm drawn to color, texture, and pattern. I have the hardest time choosing or using a focal image(s).

Hope you enjoy the show.

ps. The pictures posted out of order, so the last one is first :/


  1. Wow, it's been awhile, but you are still the prolific creata-gal. I just love how varied the pages are, and what a cool idea, how you made the book. It allows you to use smallish images with big impact on your pages. And the spine-only thing is cool too. Like, no front and back covers. Totally made for glueing. Thanks for the headsup to come look. :-)))


  2. Hi Kellie

    I also have started using magazine pages in my glue books. Look at images etc. in an entirely different light since getting hooked on ATC's, Postcards and now glue books etc.