Sunday, July 05, 2009

This one is an Art Journal...Or something like it..

In a composition book with paint, glue, magazine cutout, fancy pens, glitter, and anything else that will fit. This one servers as a journal and art book. Welcome to the pages of "Stray Thoughts"


  1. Hi Kell,
    I'm new to Blissfully Art Journalling too and started my blog this weekend as well.

    I really like your pink and yellow pages - they look very free and light hearted -they look like they would inspire you to write. (Another idea for me to try! - since I joined this group ideas have been coming thick and fast)
    Cheers - Suzanne

  2. Beautiful pages!! I love all the backgrounds and can't wait to see everything with text added.

    Keep it up!

    Corrie from the Blissfully Art Journaling Group. (BAJ)

  3. Stunning pages. My favorites were the page with the bird and the diamond rings on its beak, and the pink page with the sandals on the beach. Beautiful. All the pages were so nicely done. Welcome to Blissfully Art Journaling. Thanks for sharing your pages.

  4. Anonymous4:28 AM

    ok, cool... i just added many some other new emo backgrounds to my blog

  5. Do you use a composition notebook and then paint it? What exactly is your procedure for journals? That's the style I want, please reply:) love your work!

    1. :) Nice to see that someone is still looking at my pages. Thanks.
      Yes, this one is a composition book. Using cheep acrylic paints and some watercolor too. I painted the backgrounds. I would tare out 2 to 4 pages between spreads and glue them together to keep it from getting to bulky and make the pages stiffer.
      I decorate the covers after the inside is done because I don't want to mess it up while working on the insides.