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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thought I'd share some of my recient drabbles.
I'm woking on a chalange in an live journal community to do 100 drabbles in 100 consecitive days.
Drabbles are stories told in 100 words exactly. no more, no less.
36 of 100 day 26

Kissing Frogs

“Oh woe is me” Princess Sally cried as the giggling little girls drop their second frog back into the water after they had both kissed it looking for an enchanted prince. Of course nothing had happened. Laughing at their attempts to finding a prince they went looking for more frogs. When Sally didn’t jump out of the way fast enough they caught her. In surprisingly gentle hands they both kissed her. And when nothing happened and they dropped her back in the water.

“It’s not fair!” Sally cried, “I’ll be a frog forever. Boys don’t kiss frogs looking for Princesses.

14/100 day 14
It’s a Trap

“I feel magic being used.” The Magi said holding up a hand halting the adventurers in the middle of the cave. The thief and the fighter looked around, but could see little in light of the orb hovering over their heads that bathed the seen in green light.

“I feel it too. I’ll cast a dispel glamour spell.” Said the cleric waving his arms.

They felt something melt away around them.

Instead of standing in the middle of a dark empty cave, they were suddenly standing in the middle of a brightly lit cave inhabitant by very hungry looking dragons.
20 of 100/ Day 11

The book

The magician waved his hands in the air leaving bright yellow glow behind them that hummed and formed arcane symbols. At last the pattern was complete. The hovering lights all swished and swirled together into a bright column that disappeared through the roof with a loud popping sound.

On the floor where the lights had disappeared lay a book. The magician was elated!
It worked! He eagerly scooped it up and turned to the first page to start reading….

Only to find a note from the cosmos, “You will just have to wait for the seventh book like everyone else.”

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A friend of mine had made a courset.
and took some photos.
witch I had to play with.
(that's Whitby England in the background)

Monday, October 30, 2006

I went back and reread some of my older writing.
I have started re writing some of it. I like to think I've gotten a bit better since I started.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I haven't been doing a lot of drawing the last week or so. Here's just a little sample
The Servants Journal
Original characters and stories
by Kelli/Nessa5

Manny have been written for the Live Journal community 100originals
and are so numbered by the prompt # . Most are very short, being under 500 words. There are some 100 word drabbles scattered in there as well as a few longer chaptered works.
(Not all the prompts are great but I like to think that I’ve gotten better over the years)
(the title follows the url because this list was originally made for LJ and the coding there puts the title last)

1 Beginnings 2/10/05 The Rare Rose
Non Prompt 3/06/05 Fourth Night
Non Prompt 2/17/05 The Secret of the Rose pt 1
Non Prompt 2/25/05 The Secret of the Rose pt 2
The Strolling Minstrel WIP
5 outsides 11/22/05 The Outsiders

85 She 3/02/06 First Meetings
65 Passing 8/12/06 The Turning pt 1
29 Birth 8/12/06 The Turning Pt 2

1800 – 1940 or there about
17 brown 6/01/06 Dust
52 fire 4/07/06 Fire
31 sunrise 6/21/06 Safe Harbor
10 Years 9/15/06 Time Changes Everything

Modern times
94 Independence 3/26/06 Happy Birthday
7 Days 06/08/06 Just a Few More Days
97 writers choice 3/31/06 Whistling the dark
36 smell 2/17/06 The Smell of Death
15 blue 11/02/05 Blue Sky
18 black 11/02/05 Black Night
12 orange 1/06/06 Orange
86 choices 2/07/06 A Night of Surprises
95 New Year 6/15/06 " Lots to Remember
Non Prompt 3/18/05 Hasty Decisions pt 1
Non Prompt 8/30/05 Hasty Decisions pt 2

Modern Times / Main Characters

68 Lightening 4/28/06 Times Conversations
49 Club 6/08/06 Boy’s club
87 Life 3/29/06 I Remember

22 Enemies 111/24/05 Jocks
63 Summer 6/14/06 he Summer of 95
78 Where 11/15/05 Where Am I Going?
47 Heart 11/1/05 The Sound of His Heart Beating
16 Purple 10/28/05 Lessons Learned
30 Death 10/29/05e You Cant’ Cheat
43 Square 10/26/05 Folding Paper
13 Yellow .12/8/05 Just wondering
59 Food 6/21/06 Buried Treasure
58 Dinner 8/1/06 The cook up
67 Snow 11/25/05 Snowman

39 Taste 1/12/06 Wine
48 Diamonds 2/12/06 Blue Diamonds
23 Lovers 3/10/06 First Night
Non prompt 11/18/05 Not what it looks like
Non Prompt 12/2/04 The Truth be known
82 If 3/05/06 If you want to…
35 Sixth Sense 3/21/06 Tell the Future
14 Green 3/16/03 You’re not Joking?
54 Air 3/10/06 Is there something in your pocket?
66 rain 11/07/05 Untitled Pt 1
21 Friends 11/9/05 Untitled Pt 2
drabble 01/12/05 Is it supposed to be that color?
4 Insides 1/19/06 The Future is Decided
20 Colorless 2/27/06 Seek and Ye Shall Find
11 Red 3/24/06 Red
19 White 09/06/06 Owners Mark
81 How 4/13/06 Details
24 Family 1/29/06 A Traditional Thanksgiving pt 1
93 Thanksgiving 1/29/06 A Traditional Thanksgiving pt 2
33 Too Much 1/29/06 A Traditional Thanksgiving pt 3
28 Children 1/29/06 A Traditional Thanksgiving pt 4
90 Home 9/12/06 What Home Feels Like
42 Triangle 1/20/06 Three Corners
45 Moon 06/01/06 I see the Moon
67 Snow 11/25/06 The Snow Man
72 Fixed 2/24/06 Vampire Fist Aid 101
89 Work 2/10/06 Shine’s Busy Day
92 Christmas 1/06/06 Meet the Neighbor
96 Writer’s Choice 10/28/05 Stepping Out on Halloween
76 Who 8/29/08 Unexpected Visitors pt 1
83 And 9/10/06 Unexpected Visitors pt 2
32 Sunset 9/10/06 Unexpected Visitors pt 3
2 Middles 9/13/06 Visitors pt 5
40 Sight 7/03/06 The Hippy Professor

3 Ends** Is Done but being saved to post last

Abril’s characters from the comic that gave me the original idea.
4/2003 *Julian’s story*
1/15/04 *Andri’s Story*
4/10/04 *Facing Reality*
The comic has been taken down, but the first four chapters have been published in the manga Sakura Pakk at http://www.sakurapakk.comSakura Pakk

Friday, July 28, 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Spider in the Garden

3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches

oil paint on canvis paper

Originaly done as an atc, but I've decided to keep it.

Photograph prints can be made if any one want's to trade for a copy.

Monday, July 17, 2006

the original is 12 x 16 and done on 6 4x6 pannals using micron pens.

first post

Why am I making this bilog?
Humm, been thinking about it for a long time.
Mostly I use Live Journal. and I just don't understand MySpace.
This one looks easer to post pictures. so I'l post pictures here and then link back in my lj.
Also there are several bilogs that I would have liked to keep tabs on. this way I can add access them more easely.