Friday, March 14, 2008

glue book photo dump

A gluebook is a cross between an altered book and an art journal. find a picture you like and slap it down in your book. Try not to overthink the process. It's fun and relaxing and can be a cheep hobby since you use old magazines, notebooks, old books, junk mail, white glue and sizzors.

since I also like to dabble in bookbinding, I made this book using pages of a magazine for the pages. Then glued over them. Some pages were left alone, some covered completely and some partly. there are 150 pages total. Enjoy some of the highlights.

the cover

Sunday, January 06, 2008

happy new year!

In the last two months, we had 3 of 5 household computers die. We were only able to reserect one. Lucky me, that last year for x-mall I got a lap top or I'd be a reall sour puss having to use hubby's or the kids computers.

I'll try to remember to post more in the space this year.

I added a tracker to the side bar, now I'll know just how many people don't visit.