Friday, March 14, 2008

glue book photo dump

A gluebook is a cross between an altered book and an art journal. find a picture you like and slap it down in your book. Try not to overthink the process. It's fun and relaxing and can be a cheep hobby since you use old magazines, notebooks, old books, junk mail, white glue and sizzors.

since I also like to dabble in bookbinding, I made this book using pages of a magazine for the pages. Then glued over them. Some pages were left alone, some covered completely and some partly. there are 150 pages total. Enjoy some of the highlights.

the cover


  1. I like it Kelli!
    I esp like the torn pages of the labyrinth!
    So you made this book yourself out of magazine pages and then glued more over the top for your gluebook, correct?


    who picked up an oversized book at a used bookstore to break down into pages for a hand bound book.

  2. OMG! So beautiful and inspiring! Its so effortless and senseless (for lack of a better word, its a good senseless) and floooowing. You're definitely inspiring me.

    I've been considering binding a bunch of pages together, but I don't think I will. I've been holding off on gluing until I get this one blank sketchbook I've been drooling on for a couple months *drool* :-p I started gluing into a used spiral sketchbook, but the mojo isn't there... blah.

    GREAT job though. Very very lovely. Especially your color combos/arrangements. I hadn't thought of making spreads by just arranging by color like that.


  3. This book is inspiring and definitely a pleasure to look at.

  4. I love it Kelli.
    Don't you find tearing, cutting and pasting satisfying?

    I do and from the looks of this wonderful glue book you just might too.

    Artfully Yours Cin

  5. I really like this Kelli. I've had a couple of tries at starting an Altered Book, but I find glueing the pages together rather tedious. This seems like a much more spontaneous enterprise.

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