Sunday, July 05, 2009

This one is an Art Journal...Or something like it..

In a composition book with paint, glue, magazine cutout, fancy pens, glitter, and anything else that will fit. This one servers as a journal and art book. Welcome to the pages of "Stray Thoughts"

And Another One

this one is being done on a spiral bound index card book 5x8 inches.

None of these pages took very long to do. The idea is to have fun and play, not stress over getting it just right. So they arn't perfict. But by having them in the computer I can go back and play with them digitally all I want too. Or pick and choose parts to use elswhere.

This book is still in progress


Welcome to another GlueBook Photo Dump

This one was completed in June.

I made this book with magazine pages half sized. (So that each leaf is 1/4 of a mag page)I left plenty of room between the siginatures for expansion as I glued things in. The cover college is covered with a layer of packing tape to give it shine before it was glued to the cover boards. (the boards are recycled cerial boxes) Then I started gluing with glee! It didn't really take to long to fill this one up. Some pages incorporate the backgroud image, some completely cover it up.

As a general rule in my glue books (and it only my rule, you don't have to) I say no words, only images. I'm drawn to color, texture, and pattern. I have the hardest time choosing or using a focal image(s).

Hope you enjoy the show.

ps. The pictures posted out of order, so the last one is first :/