Thursday, August 23, 2012

I found this lurking in the depths of my blog here, apparently never published. So, form a few years ago have some drabbles I wrote. Thought I'd share some of my recient drabbles.
I'm woking on a chalange in an live journal community to do 100 drabbles in 100 consecitive days. Drabbles are stories told in 100 words exactly. no more, no less. ****************************************************
36 of 100 day 26

Kissing Frogs

“Oh woe is me” Princess Sally cried as the giggling little girls drop their second frog back into the water after they had both kissed it looking for an enchanted prince. Of course nothing had happened. Laughing at their attempts to finding a prince they went looking for more frogs. When Sally didn’t jump out of the way fast enough they caught her. In surprisingly gentle hands they both kissed her. And when nothing happened and they dropped her back in the water.

“It’s not fair!” Sally cried, “I’ll be a frog forever. Boys don’t kiss frogs looking for Princesses.

14/100 day 14
It’s a Trap

“I feel magic being used.” The Magi said holding up a hand halting the adventurers in the middle of the cave. The thief and the fighter looked around, but could see little in light of the orb hovering over their heads that bathed the seen in green light.

“I feel it too. I’ll cast a dispel glamour spell.” Said the cleric waving his arms.

They felt something melt away around them.

Instead of standing in the middle of a dark empty cave, they were suddenly standing in the middle of a brightly lit cave inhabitant by very hungry looking dragons.
20 of 100/ Day 11

The book

The magician waved his hands in the air leaving bright yellow glow behind them that hummed and formed arcane symbols. At last the pattern was complete. The hovering lights all swished and swirled together into a bright column that disappeared through the roof with a loud popping sound.

On the floor where the lights had disappeared lay a book. The magician was elated!
It worked! He eagerly scooped it up and turned to the first page to start reading….

Only to find a note from the cosmos, “You will just have to wait for the seventh book like everyone else.”
35 of 100 day 25

He was eighteen not quite nineteen yet. He considered himself a grown up. After all, if the government said he could vote and go to war and get married, why couldn’t he drink alcohol? He thought it was a stupid rule, so he wasn’t going to pay attention to it.

He got a fake ID, and found a bar that wasn’t being overly careful of checking them.

When a conscientious bartender cut him off, a brown haired man offered him more to step outside with him.

Sometimes it’s just too easy, the vampire thought cleaning the blood off his mouth.
32 of 100 day 22

Her red hair and fair skin gleamed against her black leather corset.
She looked way to young and innocent to be in a goth bar,
while at the same time she looked like she had never been anywhere else.
He’d asked her do dance and was pleased when she said yes.
He’d asked her to his bed and was surprised when she said yes.
He asked if he’d ever see her again rubbing his neck.
She gave him a secret smile and said yes.
Her perfume lingered in his room and on his sheets mixed with other more earthy smells.

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