Wednesday, February 21, 2007

my card store

Ha! I got the widgit to work! I only had to change the whole page to mke it fit....

so please click on my card shop or click here
to see some cards you can buy.

If there is a picture in my blog you'd like to have as a card, let me know and I will upload it the my new store.

Thank You,
I can use all the pennies I can get... ;)


well, this sucks

blog made a mandatory switch over to use google. I didn't really want to regerster with google, but I did any way.

they said I wouldn't loose any of the content of my page.
They lied!

My side bar list of links that was handed by
is now not working. And I can't figuar out hwo to reedit my side bars.

It has a lovey page to 'customize your page!' but when I try to use it, I keep getting directed to the widget page, without any clear instructions on how to use them too.

Can anyone help me figuar this out?
It took me the better part of aday to do it the first time and that was bugging my freinds for help more than once.